Discovery Elementary School

Discovery Elementary School is a community for students, of students, and by students. It is the people, not the building: Our children, our professional educators and support providers, our families, and our network of colleagues and partners work together to ensure that every individual child’s needs are met and that all children fulfill their potential and achieve what they choose.

We are a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School (see: State Press ReleaseFederal Press Release) and a National Wildlife Federation Green Flag School (see: National Dashboard).

We are deeply committed to age-appropriate, research-based child development practices, and to the principles and best practices of standards-based instruction and assessment in a healthy, environmentally-conscious public school setting.

We were founded in 2015 and neighbor Williamsburg Middle School, serving northern Arlington County, Virginia.

At Discovery Elementary School, children are challenged and encouraged to reach their highest potential through researched-based instructional practices. A rigorous academic curriculum is complimented by a focus on social and emotional wellness. Discovery Elementary School’s uniqueness evolves as committed staff, families, and members of the community model collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

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Williamsburg Middle School

Williamsburg Middle School challenges students to learn in an environment that is organized by teams within the school. Dedicated faculty work with students in and out of the classroom providing a successful transition between elementary and high school. The school’s academic success can be attributed in large part to a highly qualified and dedicated staff and the strong support and active involvement of parents. At Williamsburg we prepare our students for higher education while celebrating diversity and implementing character education.

Williamsburg’s program consists of a team approach for learning where our students can grow and develop academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. Teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff have worked together to design educational activities for the middle school student that are child-centered and give students the opportunity to become thoughtful, productive, and contributing members of society in an atmosphere of acceptance and respect. In order to be more synergistically effective in pursuit of our educational goals, Williamsburg is self-reflective and maintains consistent oversight of our outstanding education program. Williamsburg strives to improve student achievement, reduce gaps in achievement, deliver responsive education, build effective relationships and integrate technology.

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Yorktown High School

We believe that we are a community of learners engaged in the process of systematically building connections to knowledge, to each other and to the world. We believe in working together to validate knowledge and give meaning to community, citizenship, career, leadership, integrity and civility beyond success in school.

We Believe Students Will:

  • Develop appropriate knowledge and skills to live as productive citizens in a changing world;
  • Become intellectual risk-takers who strive to reach their highest potential;
  • Use technology to acquire information, communicate with others and demonstrate learning;
  • Understand their changing roles in society by working effectively and cooperatively with peers,
  • staff, parents and the community;
  • Seek to deliberately promote and support the worth and dignity of themselves and others;
  • Be flexible problem-solvers who seek understanding so they can apply a variety of skills to an
  • Be active and lifelong learners who reflect on the experiences and make necessary
  • Demonstrate moral and ethical habits in their lives

The students at Yorktown High School reflect Arlington’s rich diversity. Yorktown’s primary goal is to provide all students a first-rate academic education, while fostering the development of the social and emotional skills for success in life. The faculty and community commitments to this primary goal make Yorktown a challenging and unique secondary school. Over 90 percent of Yorktown graduates pursue post-secondary education; others go on to the military or join the work force after graduation. A recent Washington Post ranking of high schools placed Yorktown in the top ten most academically challenging high schools in the Washington metropolitan area. Newsweek included Yorktown in its listing of the top 100 high schools in the nation. With an emphasis on high expectations for every student, Yorktown addresses the needs of its students through a broad curriculum, a large number of special programs, and the support of a wide range of professionals and community members. Yorktown actively promotes cultural competence among staff to ensure greater understanding of how each student’s individual experiences and background affect academic and social/emotional success. In 2004, Yorktown established a “Center for Leadership and Public Service” to coordinate its varied student programs in leadership, service and social-emotional learning. The high level of student involvement in all of Yorktown’s programs, and the recognition students regularly receive for their accomplishments in these areas, is a tribute to the student talent and dedication that are hallmarks of Yorktown.

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